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Destin FL

If you’re traveling to Destin, FL, you want to spend your days at the beach lying in the sun, splashing in the ocean, and soaking in the Florida rays. We don’t blame you. You’re on vacation, and the beach is a great place to unwind and relax. However, which Destin beaches are best for out-of-towners traveling by car rental?

Some vacationers just pick the beach closest to their accommodations. If you can walk out your door to the beach, this may be the best option for you. Many people don’t want to load up their rental car every time they want to head to the beach.

However, the nearest beach area doesn’t always translate to the nicest one. This article by HomeAway can help you break down beaches in Destin, but here’s the gist: Destin, FL, has about 24 miles of total shoreline, and 60 percent of it is protected. Therefore, locals might agree that the best place to enjoy the beach is within these protected areas, including James Lee Park, Beasley Park, Ed Walline Park, and Henderson Beach Park. These areas are not only protected and maintained, but they also have convenient public restrooms and showers.

Before you head to the beach, we suggest that you do a bit of research. Every beach has unique features and rules for visiting. We’d hate for you to load up your car or van, expecting to be able to barbecue at the beach, only to be disappointed by park restrictions. A quick Internet search lets you look up every beach to see what works best for you and your crew.

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