Maximize Your Car Rental Experience

We know you’re pumped about your upcoming trip to the Destin and Fort Walton Beach areas. Who wouldn’t be excited about a vacation in Florida, spending days in the sand and surf? You’re ready to relax on the beach with a book and just let all your concerns melt away in the warmth of the Florida sun.

Let us help you get there.

To feel relaxed from that moment you step foot in Florida, Guardian Rental Cars & Trucks recommends that you heed these few car rental tips. Doing so can help minimize travel woes and enhance your time away.


1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

The sooner you book your car rental, the more you can relax knowing that you reserved the make, model, and rate you need. When you procrastinate, you risk missing out on an affordable rental car due to high demand during vacation season. Skip the anxiety, and book as early as possible.

2. Choose a local car rental company.

Skip the chains, and choose a Destin car rental company that wants to make your Florida visit great from beginning to end. At Guardian Rental Cars & Trucks, you’ll find that our hometown customer service and affordable rates will keep you coming back—which is why we’ve been in business since 1984.

3. Resist the urge to downsize.

Many vacationers want to choose the cheapest car rental out there. While a compact rental car may have the lowest rate, it’s certainly not an ideal option when you’re traveling with family in tow. You may have to pay a few extra dollars, but the comfort and space you gain from a minivan rental or SUV rental is worth it. You’re on vacation, after all!

4. Read the fine print.

Before you book a car rental, ask to see a copy of the rental agreement. The rental staff should go over these details with you, but it’s nice to have them in writing so you can read the fine print and feel confident in what you’re signing.

Follow these four tips, and you’ll be one step closer to relaxing the day away at Fort Walton Beach. To make your reservation, contact Guardian Rental Cars & Trucks at (850) 863-2992 during regular business hours, or you can get started right now by filling out the online reservation request form.

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