Rental Tips for Frequent Travelers

Car Rental Travel TipsAre you the jet-setting, airport-hopping type who never seems to unpack the ol’ suitcase? Whether you travel for business or for fun, you’re on the go. Traveling can be both exciting and tiresome, and you likely know how a bad car rental experience can quickly turn a smooth journey into a nightmare. To make your travel-filled life a bit easier, here are a few rental tips from our crew at Guardian Rental Cars & Trucks.

1. Think local.

Most people choose big rental companies, due to name recognition or thinking they offer the best deals. However, many local car-rental companies offer competitive pricing and special deals on rental cars. Plus, many local places—like Guardian—provide superior customer service and fewer rental restrictions.

2. Book in advance.

When you’re traveling during busy seasons, try to book your car or van as early as possible. The last thing you want is to be stranded at the airport because the rental company is out of vehicles, or all they have left are the luxury vehicles that cost too much for your short trip to Florida.

3. Don’t sacrifice space for savings.

If you’re traveling with a group, you may be tempted to get a compact car to save money. However, if you plan to be in that vehicle for any amount of time, you know things can get cramped fast. Go ahead and upgrade your rental to a minivan or SUV. You may spend a bit more, but you (and your legs) will be glad you did.

4. Read through the rental agreement.

Not all rental-car companies are alike. Be sure to read through the rental policies before you sign the agreement. You don’t want to end up paying fees for missing any important details.

Next time you’re traveling through Destin or Fort Walton Beach, contact Guardian Rental Cars & Trucks for the area’s best rental experience. We have superior customer service as well as a wide selection of rental vehicles, including cars, vans, Jeeps, SUVs, and more. To make a reservation, call us at (850) 654-4600, or book online.

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